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Certain lawn varieties handle wear better then others. 

In a home situation or park, Sir Walter is ideal. 

For a sports field or open park area (with limited shade) the Nullarbor Oz Tuff or Nullarbor Couch would be ideal. Read more below:

Sir Walter TurfSir-Walter-DNA-Certified-Logo-Landscape

Due to Sir Walter’s robust root system, shade tolerance, low allergy rating, soft to touch texture, hard wearing nature and its ability to limit weed invasion, Sir Walter lawns are ideal in child care centres, school amenity areas, domestic homes, large shaded parks and dog parks. learn more

Sir Walter Turf Grass Lawn Cricket

Oz Tuff

Oz Tuff is increasingly becoming the turf of choice for Council ovals and sports playing surfaces. Ipswich and Gold Coast City Council have both used  Oz Tuff in their Rugby and Soccer ovals. Gold Coast council are now utilising Oz Tuff in play areas and parks along the foreshore as Oz Tuff also has a high salt tolerance. It has been used in Bundaberg and 1770 for large park areas also. The DPI at Redlands Research Station conducted wearability trials that prove Oz Tuff is superior to all couch varieties including Grand Prix, Legend and common couch varieties. Oz Tuff would be ideal for large sporting areas such as football ovals, cricket fields and we can wash the turf for cricket wickets and Tennis Courts. The Tennyson Tennis Centre has had washed Oz Tuff laid in it. Oz Tuff would also be ideal in school playing ovals due to its low to its low nutritional requirements and low allergy ratings. learn more

Nullarbor Couch Oz Tuff at Surfers Paradise Football Club s

Nullarbor CouchNullabor

Second to Oz Tuff in the wearability trials is the Nullarbor Couch. Nullarbor Couch would be ideal in large commercial areas and areas for erosion control. Nullarbor Couch will require more maintenance to upkeep than the Nullarbor Oz Tuff so whilst it may be slightly cheaper in square metre price, whole cost of life costs should be considered. To understand the whole life of cost comparison please feel free to call one of friendly Turf Consultants. Learn more

Nullarbor Couch Large

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