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How to measure the area and calculate the amount of turf you need

Using a tape measure, walk around your yard and measure the area of your planned lawn (perhaps you might like to prepare a quick sketch of the lawn on a piece of paper, be sure to include paths, gardens, pool etc)

  1. Measure the different areas according to their shapes.
  2. Calculate the square metres needed for each area and add up the total required.
  3. It is usually a good idea to order just a bit extra.

Calculating different shaped areas


Measuring Square

Measure one side of the square, then multiply it by itself (area = s x s)
Example – If the width of the square is 4 metres: 4m x 4m = 16m2

Rectangle or oblong

Measuring Rectangle

Measure in metres the LENGTH and WIDTH of the Rectangular area. To calculate, multiply the length by the width.

Example: Length 10 metres & Width 5 metres – 10 x 5 = 50 square metres.


Measuring Triangle

To calculate, multiply Base by Height and then divide by 2. Area= 0.5 (B x H)

Example: Base 20 metres & height 10 metres – 0.50 (20 x 10) = 100 square metres


Measuring Parallelogram
Area = base x height
Example – If the height is 5 metres and the base is 10 metres: 5m x 10m = 50m2


Measuring Trapezoid
Area = a + b divided by 2 then multiplied by Height

Example: 20 + 10 = 30 then divide by 2 = 15 then x 10 = 150m²


Measuring Circle

Measure in metres the DIAMETER of the Circular area. To calculate, multiply 0.80 by the diameter and then by diameter again.

Example: Diameter 9 metres – 0.80 x 9 x 9 = 64.80 square metres

Ellipse or oval

Measuring Ellipse or Oval

Area =a x b x 3.14
Example – If a is 5 metres and b is 2 metres: 5m x 2m = 10m. 10m x 3.14 = 31.4m2

How to calculate the volume of turf underlay

Once you have worked out how many square metres you are going to need you then multiply by the depth to get the cubic metres. We recommend at least 100mm or 150mm of turf underlay.

Example – For a square which measures 10m x 8m and you are going to put down 100mm of turf underlay soil. 10m x 8m = 80m². Then multiply by 0.1m = 8m³.

If you decided to put down 150mm of turf underlay then the calculation would be 80m² x 0.15m = 12m³

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