Acelepryn GR Lawn Grub Killer Turf Insecticide 10kg


10 kg (Covers 660 m2)

Acelepryn GR Lawn Grub Killer Turf Insecticide, Lawn Pest Killer and Preventer.
Covers 660 m2 Application rate: 1.5 kg per 100 m2.

Provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control in a single application.

ACELEPRYN GR controls a wide range of insect pests including African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs and several species of caterpillars including Cutworm, Sod Webworm and Lawn Armyworm.

– Safe on all grass varieties
– Safe for kids and animals to play after application
– Lawn grub control for up to 6 months

When and how to use it

When should I use it?
Acelepryn insecticide targets common lawn insects like African Black beetle larvae, Billbug larvae and Lawn Armyworm. Insects start to emerge from the soil as temperatures rise, that means the insecticide needs to be down before the insects start to damage your lawn. The ideal time for this is as soils warm up in Spring, so apply Acelepryn in the first week of September.

How do I use it?
It’s as simple as measuring the required amount out for your lawn, putting it in a spreader and applying evenly.
After applying, water in with at least 3mm of irrigation.

How to use ACELEPRYN GR Lawn Grub Killer Turf Insecticide