Augusta Zoysia

Augusta Zoysia

New Augusta Zoysia lawn is a revolutionary Golf Course Turf Grass Now Available For Your Lawn! If you are looking for the very best lawn then an Augusta Zoysia Lawn is for you.

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia Turf Grass really is ‘The Dream Lawn’ and the trend is moving towards it with good reason. It is a premium quality finer blade grass. Empire is perfect for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Surrounds.

Nara Native Zoysia

Nara Native Zoysia

Australia’s most beautiful native lawn. Highly drought tolerant. Evergreen winter and summer. Slow growing and low maintenance.

Palmetto Buffalo

Palmetto Buffalo

Palmetto is the Number One Selling Buffalo Lawn in the World.

Palmetto has a very soft leaf, great shade tolerance, outstanding Winter colour, great at out-competing weeds.

Palmetto-Buffalo-Lawn-Turf-Grass-Australian Lawn Concepts Turf-11w
Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire Buffalo Turf Grass is the only finer textured buffalo in the world and has a shade tolerance of 70% which makes for a perfect lawn.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Turf has a broad leaf, deep green in colour which is soft to the touch and simply beautiful all year round. It has incredible shade tolerance only requiring 2 to 3 hours full sun per day.

Oz Tuff Native Couch

Oz Tuff Native Couch

Oz Tuff Sports Turf is Australian born and bred. It is a high wear, low maintenance, salt tolerant premium couch variety. Like all couch lawns the area needs to be in full sun.

Oz-Tuff-Sports-Turf-2-w-Australian Lawn Concepts Turf
Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen Couch is a great choice for areas with full sun and is a lush green colour with fine leaf blades making it very soft to the touch. It is not a shade tolerant variety so needs 7-8 hours direct sunlight per day.

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Australia’s Largest Grower of Zoysia Lawns

Transform your lawn with our premium turf varieties

ALC Turf has been growing, supplying and laying new turf and lawn supplies to Brisbane, Gold Coast and South East Queensland since 2004.

We have built an excellent reputation for quality lawns, lawn care products, service and advice. Contact us today




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The #1 Grower of Zoysia Turf Grass in Australia

Zoysia is getting more and more popular in Brisbane, Gold Coast and South East Queensland with very good reason. These grasses are slow growing which means a lot less mowing. Therefore, you use a lot less fuel for mowing and less labour costs.


The Environment is a priority focus at Australian Lawn Concepts

We choose our range to be as environmentally friendly as is possible. Grass in itself is a very environmentally friendly landscape surface, much more so than plastic artificial grass.

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