Bow and Arrow Weed Killer Herbicide 500 ml


500 ml Covers 1000 m2

Weed killer, designed specifically for the removal of common broadleaf weeds like bindii weed, clover and many others.

Bow & Arrow herbicide 500 ml is a weed killer, designed specifically for the removal of common broadleaf weeds like bindii weed, clover and many others. All without harming your lawn, it’s safe on common lawn grasses including buffalo grass, zoysia grass, kikuyu grass and couch grass. Bow and Arrow herbicide is a professional formulation containing 3 active ingredients giving it broad spectrum control of many lawn weeds. It’s the weed control product that we and other professionals recommend.

When and how to use it

When should I use it?
Bow and Arrow is a broadleaf herbicide that controls many broad leaf weeds in Australia are present during the Winter period, setting seed in early Spring. It is important to use this before they spread their seeds otherwise you will need it again next year. The ideal time is May to August but can be used any time of the year.

How do I use it?
Using a sprayer, put 50 mL of product into 5L of water and apply over 100m2.

What’s in it?

What’s in it?
The product contains 3 powerful active ingredients which gives it broad weed coverage. These are MCPA, Clopyralid and Difluefenican.

The technical stuff
Bow and Arrow is effective on broadleaf weeds including:
White Clover (Trifolium repens)
Plantain (Plantago lanceolata)
Capeweed (Arctotheca calendula)
Cat’s ear (Hypochoeris radicata)
Bin-dii (Jo-Jo, Onehunga) (Soliva sessilis)
Cudweed (Gnaphalium spp.)
Creeping oxalis (Oxalis corniculata)

Q & A

How do I get the best results?
It’s actually really easy, apply at the recommended rate. For small or glossy weeds, the addition of a surfactant such as Wet-Out will allow for better sticking and penetration.

How much water should I apply to water in?
Watering-in or rainfall is not recommended within a few days of application.

Is this safe for all turf types?
It is safe for many turf types, including Buffalo lawns. Please read the label directions before applying.

How long before I see results?
Results are generally pretty fast, with symptoms from the MCPA (leaf curling) generally evident within 3-4 days. A total kill will take between 7-14 days dependent on weather conditions.

Is it safe on my Sir Walter lawn?
Yes, Sir Walter is a Buffalo Grass and Bow & Arrow herbicide is not harmful to Buffalo Lawns.

Will I see any discolouration to my turf?
In some grasses with low salt tolerance, like kikuyu grass, you may see some slight yellowing (phytotoxicity). If this occurs simply give the lawn a feed and it will grow out.

Is it better to add some fertiliser to make a weed and feed product?
An application of fertiliser should not be done at the same time as applying a herbicide. Herbicides should be applied in June/July when weeds are actively growing but have not yet gone to seed. Allowing them to seed means more weeds next year. Fertilisers at this time will have very little result.

Should I fertilise before I treat my weeds?
No, while it might be nice to think that the lawn would grow into the spaces left by the weeds quicker, this new growth is very juvenile and will be highly susceptible to damage from the herbicide. It is important to have the weeds actively growing so they absorb the herbicide, but most common lawn weeds in Australia are winter annuals and are actively growing without the need for additional fertiliser.

Is there anything else I should do after applying a herbicide?
An application of fertiliser is recommended to help the lawn fill in this area a few weeks after the herbicide application. In large infestations a follow up application of herbicide may be required.