Environmental Policy

Green Turf Varieties

We have specially selected the most environmentally friendly turf varieties.

Features include:

  • Slow growing
  • Use less water
  • Use less fertiliser
  • Less mowing
  • Less insecticide
  • Less weed killer
  • Less disease

Environmental benefits of turf

  • Turf for erosion control
  • Turf for heat reduction
  • Turf for noise reduction
  • Turf for turning carbon dioxide into oxygen
  • Turf for filtering the air
  • Turf for filtering and cleaning the water
  • Turf for increased road safety through reduced run-off
  • Turf for direction of traffic
  • Turf for enhanced appearance
  • Turf for enhanced sense of well-being
  • Turf for fire protection

90% of our irrigation is low pressure nozzles which is the most water efficient method for irrigation of broad acre cropping

100% of our Sunshine Coast Farm is run off Solar Energy

Continuous automatic real-time soil testing for fertility combined with GPS Tracking of our fertiliser application means minimum fertiliser usage.

Continuous investment in latest machinery and equipment resulting in maximising fuel and emissions efficiency


The Rationale of this policy is to recognise that our operations have direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Our objective is to promote an organisational culture of environmental awareness, minimise adverse environmental impacts, minimise energy use and adopt responsible waste management.


This policy applies to the operations of the entire company and all employees and contractors of Australian Lawn Concepts.



Australian Lawn Concepts is committed to reducing environmental impacts through the implementation of the following practices:

1. Monitoring and reduction of our energy and greenhouse gas emissions
2. Investing is energy efficient technologies, where cost effective
3. Monitoring and reduction of water usage, where possible
4. Developing processes for assessing environmental impacts in our supply chain
5. Ensuring the space we occupy is designed, occupied and operated with the objective of best practice environmental performance


Australian Lawn Concepts acknowledges that the products /and services we offer may also potentially lead to an environmental impact. We will develop process to assess the environmental issues associated with our products/and services to identify ways to encourage an improved environmental outcome.


Australian Lawn Concepts will engage with our stakeholders on our Environmental initiatives and seek their feedback on environmental issues relevant to Australian Lawn Concepts.

We will develop employee awareness to empower our people to help reduce the Company’s environmental impact.

Australian Lawn Concepts will disclose material environmental performance by reporting our environmental indicators and management of material risks and opportunities. In addition, we will comply with our reporting obligations under any relevant environmental legislation.

Through our sponsorships and community programs we will partner with selected organisations that are actively working to protect the environment and educate the community about environmental issues.