Lawn Mowing Tips

Lawn mowing after laying new lawn

Lawn mowing is recommended when the turf cannot be lifted, or as a guideline, 10-14 days after installation in warm weather or 14-28 days in cold weather. Mow when the turf is dry and ensure your mower blades are sharp. This will make sure the grass leaves are cut as opposed to ripped which can cause damage to the plant.

Preferably never remove more than one third of the leaf blade as this can cause the plant to be damaged and to suffer. Maintain a suitable height for your particular turf type as stated in the lawn characteristic. Some grass varieties can be cut at varying heights depending on personal preference. At this height the turf will retain moisture and nutrients. On some grass types mowing too low may damage your lawn.

For the first couple of mows, mow in the same direction as the turf was laid, as this will help prevent scalping.

What time of day should you mow?

You can mow your lawn any time of day but certain times are better than others. Mid morning is a good time because it is a bit cooler and also any dew or irrigation from the early morning will have evaporated or gone into the soil and plant. A wet lawn is not ideal to cut as it can cause shredding to the plant leaf which can damage it and cause it to become unhealthy. A wet lawn is also harder and messier to mow.

How much should you mow a lawn?

Lawns love to be mowed. Mowing frequently will help produce a healthy, lush green lawn. If a lawn is allowed to overgrow then the top part of the leaf provides too much shade for the lower part of the leaf and this can weaken the plant or even damage it and will also make it thatchy which can cause other problems.

Furthermore, an overgrown lawn is a lot harder to cut and can also mean that when you do cut it you could take off more than a third which can stress the plant. So make sure to stay on top of your mowing regime.

Can i leave the clippings on the lawn?

It is actually a good idea to leave the clipping on the lawn as they contain nutrients which are beneficial and can help to keep it healthy by providing Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous. However, don’t leave clumps of clippings as they can stop enough sunlight getting to the plant which can be detrimental to the plant health.

Stay safe when you mow your lawn

Make sure to wear protective goggles, toe protecting shoes or boots, gloves and ear protectors when mowing. Be wary of any unforeseen flying objects. Also be careful around children, other people, pets, windows, glass pool fences and other fragile objects as sometimes stones and other small debris can fly out. This is even more so when using a whipper snipper as they don’t have the all round shield that a lawn mower does.

Above all enjoy your freshly mown lawn

A lawn which has just been cut looks so appealing and smells great. It can help lift your mood and provides a calm relaxing environment to unwind. It is also such a great place for the kids to run around and play on and of course the family pets.