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  • Augusta-Zoysia-Lawn-09-Australian-Lawn-Concepts-14

    Augusta Zoysia


    per m²

    New Augusta Zoysia lawn is a revolutionary Golf Course Turf Grass Now Available For Your Lawn! If you are looking for the very best lawn then an Augusta Zoysia Lawn is for you.

  • Empire-Zoysia-lawn-11-Australian-Lawn-Concepts-14

    Empire Zoysia


    per m²

    Empire Zoysia Turf Grass really is ‘The Dream Lawn’ and the trend is moving towards it with good reason. It is a premium quality finer blade grass. Empire is perfect for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Surrounds.

  • IronCutter-Lawn-Elite-Hybrid-Bermudagrass-Australian-Lawn-Concepts-mower-1602-w

    IronCutter Elite Hybrid Bermudagrass


    per m².

    Introducing the IronCutter Elite Hybrid Bermuda, a premium turf solution that redefines elegance and durability in lawns. Crafted for perfection, Iron Cutter turf sets a new benchmark in the realm of Hybrid Bermudas, offering unparalleled aesthetic appeal, minimal thatching, and ease of maintenance.

  • Nara Native Zoysia image 5 Australian Lawn Concepts

    Nara Native Zoysia


    per m²

    Nara Native Zoysia is Australia’s most beautiful native lawn. Highly drought tolerant. Evergreen winter and summer. Slow growing and low maintenance.

  • Wintergreen-Couch-Turf-Grass-Lawn-at-night-front-of-house-w

    Wintergreen Couch


    per m².

    Wintergreen Couch grass is the basic couch grass option for full sun areas. Wintergreen Couch is a nice green colour with fine leaf blades.