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We really do Turf BrisbaneIf you are looking for the leading turf supplier for Brisbane then you have come to the right place. We are the biggest producer of Zoysia Grass and Wintergreen Couch Grass in Queensland and specialise in Sir Walter Buffalo Grass.

Sir Walter Turf Brisbane

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Turf Brisbane – Delivering quality turf every day

Our trucks load up fresh turf every single day and deliver right across Brisbane and surrounding areas.

You can order over the phone by 1:00pm and get next day delivery!

We will call you the day before to let you know what time your turf will be delivered. This saves you from guessing and wasting time hanging around.

Our Off-Road Fork Lifts will then deliver your turf to your chosen location. This saves you time.

If you need your site prepared and your new lawn laid then call us today on 1800 767 644 for a quote. We can also just supply the turf if you decide to prep and pay yourself.

Don’t forget! If you need any advice at all we are just a phone call away where you can speak to our friendly experienced Turf Brisbane Consultants who can answer any questions you may have.

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