Which Turf Is Right For Me

Our grass types love all day sun, however, different grass types need more sun than others
Daily shade tolerance of our grass types

When choosing turf you need to carefully consider the type of lawn that you need. From shade tolerant to wear tolerant and low maintenance. There are many varieties available from ALC and it can be hard to decide what turf is right for you.

Choosing The Right Turf

The right turf for your home will depend on the availability of Shade, water, climate, usage and preferred appearance.


If you don’t have time to mow and edge your lawn regularly, it may be better to choose a slower growing, low maintenance variety which will save you time, effort and money.

Disease resistant

Some grass types are more likely to get a specific disease than others, whilst some varieties are generally tougher and less prone to disease.


How much sunlight is available where you wish to lay the turf? This will have a huge bearing on your choice, as some turf varieties need more sunlight than others.

Wear and use

Will your turf simply be used as an ornamental lawn or will it be used as a recreational/leisure lawn that will be used extensively by children or pets?


Certain grasses can lose their colour in the winter months if exposed to extreme cold temperatures. If appearance is important, choose a hardier turf.

Soil and drainage

If the soil is poor and compacted, no turf will thrive. Do you have adequate soil and are all drainage problems, if any, rectified?

Professional Lawn Advice

For more detailed information about the specifics of turf installation and creating a great lawn, you can call us on 5541 7000.