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Sir Walter Buffalo Grass 100% Pure

Sir Walter Turf Buffalo Grass 100% Pure

Drought Tolerant

Up to 75% Shade Tolerance

High Wear Resistance

Sir Walter Turf Buffalo Grass

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Sir Walter Turf, also known as Sir Walter Buffalo Grass, is the most successful lawn grass in Australia. In fact there has been over 70,000,000 metres sold since 1997! The reason for Sir Walter’s amazing success is its ground breaking characteristics.

It has a broad leaf, deep green in colour which is soft to the touch and simply beautiful all year round. It has incredible shade tolerance only requiring 2 to 3 hours full sun per day. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is also drought tolerant which is great for our South East Queensland climate.

We grow Sir Walter Turf here on our farm in Boyland and you can order it direct from us. That means that it is cut to order which keeps it super fresh for when it gets delivered to you. We can also prepare your site and lay the turf if required.

Shade Tolerant

Only requires 2-3 hours full sun per day making Sir Walter very shade tolerant

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Drought Tolerant

Can withstand the harsh conditions of South East Queensland

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Wear Resistant

Sir Walter has great resistance to wear from children, pets and other traffic

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Low Maintenance

Being shade, drought, weed & insect resistant this is an easy lawn to look after

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Sir Walter Turf has a wide leaf which enables it to catch more sunlight in a shorter space of time. This means it needs less sun than other grass varieties making it a very shade tolerant grass.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Brisbane

Sir Walter Turf is non-allergenic - one of the many reasons Sir Walter is Australia's favourite grass!

Sir Walter Turf Brisbane

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is perfect for the Brisbane climate and has been proven time and time again.

Our Sir Walter Grass is 100% Pure

As tested by Sir Walter themselves!

We are a Turf Queensland Accredited Grower

When you buy your new Sir Walter Turf lawn from us you will be getting the ultimate in quality.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass in Shade
Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Selling House

Australian Lawn Concepts Starter Fertilizer - Specially made for establishing a Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

Don't forget your starter fertilizer! Before installing your new Sir Walter Turf we advise to incorporate our starter fertilizer into the soil. It is a blend of water crystals and premium fertiliser. It is extremely effective when laying a new lawn or planting a new garden.

How to Mow Sir Walter

With a Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn you can mow it to a height that looks right for you. Keep it slightly longer in the shaded areas like under trees.

How and when to Water your Sir Walter Lawn

Less frequent deeper watering is the way to go! If you water less frequently, for longer you get the water deep down into the soil, which encourages a stronger and deeper root system that is better equipped to deal with dry periods.

The best time to water is early in the morning because this reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation.

How and when to Fertilise your Sir Walter Lawn

Lawns need nutrients to stay healthy and look their best. A regular fertilising schedule will keep your Sir Walter in peak condition. Spring and Autumn are especially important in the fertilising calendar. In Spring the fretiliser provides the nutrients for the seasonal growth spurt as the lawn responds to the warm weather. Autumn fertilising provides nutrients that will help the lawn keep its colour for longer and give it the boost to get through Winter.

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