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Wintergreen couch grass is the best performing couch grass in Australia.

It is a great choice for areas with full sun and is a lush green colour with fine leaf blades making it very soft to the touch.

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Wintergreen couch grass is a great all round turf for full sun areas

It has a fine soft leaf and a lovely green colour. It is also hard wearing and has excellent drought tolerance. If looked after well with fertilising, watering, weeding and mowing it produces a beautiful finish to any full sun area.

Wintergreen Couch is ideal for residential, sports, commercial and public

Wintergreen Couch Grass is used for residential, sports, commercial and public landscaping projects because it looks great, is hard wearing, environmentally friendly and beautifully soft to the touch. During Summer it is best to mow weekly. It benefits greatly from regular fertilising. Because of its low dormancy it is able to recover quickly from wear and damage.

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