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Sir Walter Turf

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is soft underfoot and robust for kids and animals to play on. Whilst it grows equally as fast in summer as a couch lawn, you don’t have to fertilise, water or weed it as often. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass has a thick root system which limits weed invasion and provides for better moisture retention. Sir Walter is also more resistant to lawn grubs, fungal infections and self repairs. Sir Walter lawns are low allergenic and therefore kids and animals alike can run and roll around all weekend from the safety of your own backyard. learn more

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Zoysia Grass

Zoysia has been given the nickname EZ Grass (easy grass) as it is slower growing and doesn’t require as much mowing as all other lawn species. The trade off is if the lawn sustains an injury it will require extra fertilising to speed its recovery. Zoysia, like Sir Walter, has a thick root system and therefore can tolerate heavy traffic, is weed resistant and drought tolerant. Zoysia is a soft leaf, medium textured lawn that is ideal for kids and animals to play on. learn more

It is a known fact that the pheromones released from a freshly cut lawn can decease your stress levels.

Platinum Zoysia Grass House

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