Which Turf is Right For Me | Grass Allergies

//Which Turf is Right For Me | Grass Allergies
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Grass allergies needn’t prevent you from being able to enjoy a lush new lawn. If either you or your family members or pets are more prone to grass allergies then you need to choose either Sir Walter Buffalo Grass or Oz Tuff.

Sir Walter Turf

Sir Walter is a turf variety that has been tested for allergens and at this stage has no known allergenic problems. Typically this turf produces little seed head unless, it has been allowed to grow unmown or is lacking in nutrition and requires fertiliser. This soft leaf buffalo has been proven to be non-irritable. Many people comment that the low itch factor is why they choose Sir Walter over all other lawn varieties. learn more


Sir Walter Turf Cricket

Nullarbor Couch Oz Tuff

Oz Tuff Grass typically only grows a seed head in periods of high stress otherwise, it is relatively free of seed head making it a perfect choice for people with pollen allergies. Please note that if the area receives anymore then 2-3 hours shade, then this lawn won’t be suitable and you will need to consider a Sir Walter lawn. learn more

Nullarbor Couch Oz Tuff

Nullarbor Couch Oz Tuff at Surfers Paradise Football Club

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