Spring Lawn Renovations: Preparing Turf for Optimal Growth

Spring Lawn Renovations: Preparing Turf for Optimal Growth

Spring is in the air, which means it’s the perfect time for some serious lawn renovations. 

As the experts in lawn care for the spring, we have seen countless times the difference that good preparation can make to the final result of a lawn renovation. Preparing turf for optimal growth is what will give it a headstart, giving you the best possible chance of ensuring a beautiful final product.

Let this blog be your comprehensive spring lawn renovation guide. We outline not only the importance of spring lawn preparation but also the step-by-step process that will lead you to lawn success.

Importance of Lawn Preparation

Before diving into your spring lawn care activities, understanding the importance of preparation is crucial. Inadequate or rushed preparation can result in uneven growth, increased susceptibility to pests and diseases, and less-than-optimal presentation. 

Essentially, the better the preparation, the better the results. This is where Australian Lawn Concepts’ premium turf products come into play. Engineered for Australian climates and built for longevity, our products give you a head start in achieving a lush, green canvas for you or your clients.

Lawn Renovation Steps

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to renovate a lawn in the spring.

Complete All Other Areas First

Before you jump into a lawn spring renovation, ensure that all other areas—be it patios, pathways or gardens—are complete. This ensures full access to lay a new lawn without interference.

Remove Existing Turf

If you’re looking to renovate a lawn in spring, the first step is to remove the existing turf. You can do this either with a bobcat or by spraying the area with Roundup. Wait for a period of 14 days to ensure all the old turf has died off. Remember to clear all debris like sticks and rocks so that you’re left with a smooth, clear surface of just soil.

Test Your Soil and Adjust pH Levels

Grab a soil test kit from a good DIY store. If your soil has a pH above 7, it’s alkaline. You’ll need to add compost and manure to enrich it with key nutrients that will help the new grass take root and thrive. Extremely alkaline soil may require sulphur. 

If the PH reading is below 7, it’s acidic. Adding lime or dolomite will do the trick to bring that number up. Adding gypsum is recommended for clayey areas to enhance soil drainage.

Turf Underlay

For your lawn renovation, choosing the right soil is crucial. A good quality, weed-free, sandy loam works wonders as it retains moisture well. Calculate the soil required by multiplying the total square metres by the desired soil depth (in cubic metres). Spread the soil evenly across the area to a minimum depth of 150mm, ensuring it slopes away from foundations or pathways to eliminate drainage issues.

Starter Fertiliser and Water Crystals

Prior to laying your new turf, we recommend using a Starter Fertiliser and Water Crystals. These products allow for optimal water retention and root system establishment. For more information, consult our friendly team at Australian Lawn Concepts Turf.

Finishing Touches

After preparing your soil, it’s time to lay your ALC Turf. Our premium turf not only adds aesthetic value but is also engineered for long-lasting quality. Lay the turf slabs on the prepared area and water them generously. Be mindful of the edges and seams to ensure they align perfectly.

Why Choose Australian Lawn Concepts Turf?

Here at Australian Lawn Concepts, we pride ourselves on being Australia’s leading supplier of turf. Our products are designed to withstand the challenges of the Australian climate, providing you with a robust and beautiful lawn year-round. 

Not only do we offer premium turf products perfect for your spring lawn renovation, but we also provide unparalleled customer service, expert advice, and comprehensive solutions for all your landscaping projects. Our team can work with you to design and install all landscaping projects and offer knowledgeable advice on ongoing lawn care. 

Our aim is to ensure that every lawn is not just good but exceptional.

So, for your spring lawn preparation, choose Australian Lawn Concepts Turf for a greener, healthier, and more vibrant lawn. For more information, feel free to contact us. Here’s to a season of blooming success!