Choosing the Best Grass Types for Spring

Choosing the Best Grass Types for Spring

Spring is upon us, and as the weather begins to warm up, it’s time to think about getting your lawn in tip-top shape. Choosing the right type of grass for your lawn is essential for a lush, green yard. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down different grass types that are ideal for spring and factors you should consider when selecting the turf best suited for your region.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Turf


Australia has diverse climate zones, so the grass type that thrives in one area may not do as well in another. Ensure you take note of the climate changes all year round and choose a grass type that can withstand all seasons.

Soil Type

The soil type in your yard will have a big impact on how well your lawn grows. Consider having a soil test done to identify types of lawn grass that would be best suited for your yard.


Different types of grass have different levels of resilience. If your lawn will see heavy foot traffic or activities like sports, you’ll want a grass type that can handle it. For a more ornamental lawn, you may prefer something more delicate.


One area where grass types differ greatly is their shade tolerance. Some types thrive in full sun, whereas others need plenty of shade to stay healthy. Take note of the shade in your yard so that you can choose a grass type with the right level of shade tolerance.

Types of Grass for Your Spring Lawn

Here are some of the lawn grass types that we offer, tailored for Australian conditions:

Augusta Zoysia

A hardy grass type that performs well in full sun and partial shade. Perfect for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance option.

Empire Zoysia

This grass type is excellent for coastal regions and provides a lush, green look with relatively low upkeep.

Nara Native Zoysia

As a native Australian grass, this is well-suited for both coastal areas and inland regions, offering excellent drought and wear tolerance.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass

This soft-leaf Buffalo grass provides excellent shade tolerance and less mowing, making it a top choice for family lawns.

Sapphire Buffalo Grass

Notable for its fine texture and high shade tolerance, it’s ideal for yards with a mix of sunlight and shade.

Sir Walter Turf Buffalo Grass

Sir Walter is Australia’s go-to for a reason. Durable and hard-wearing, it’s perfect for all-around residential use.

Oz Tuff Native Sports Turf

This is the go-to option for sporting grounds but is also a durable choice for residential lawns that will see a lot of wear and tear.

Wintergreen Couch

Well-suited for sunny areas, Wintergreen Couch is fine-textured and can create a ‘carpet-like’ look if well-maintained.

Why Choose ALCTurf?

ALCTurf’s products are bred to meet Australia’s harsh climatic conditions, making them some of the best types of grass for lawns. We can provide targeted advice to help you choose from types of buffalo grass, types of zoysia, and more to best suit your spring lawn needs.

How We Can Help

As a leading supplier of turf in Australia, Australian Lawn Concepts offers a range of services that go beyond just selling grass. We can work with you to design and install all landscaping projects, provide expert advice on lawn care, and help you create the lawn of your dreams.

Whether you’re in the planning stages or looking to upgrade your existing lawn, we have the expertise and the products to guide you. Our team is committed to offering top-quality turf and unmatched customer service.

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs and to learn more about how we can assist you. For more information, visit our website.

Rejuvenate Your Lawn This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate or establish your lawn, and by choosing the right type of grass, you set the foundation for a healthy, green space that you and your family can enjoy. Choose Australian Lawn Concepts as your trusted partner in this journey. We look forward to working with you soon!