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When purchasing a new lawn the first question you need to consider is how much shade does the area get?

Most turf species will survive in full sun however, if the area receives more than 2-3 hours shade then you will need to stay away from a couch lawn and choose more shade tolerant lawns such as Sir Walter Buffalo Grass and Zoysia.

Sir Walter Turf Buffalo Grass

Sir Walter is the #1 Selling Buffalo Grass in Australia

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is one of the most shade tolerant varieties. Sir Walter Buffalo has a soft broad leaf and only requires 2-3 hours full sun or longer periods of filtered sun to survive. Sir Walter is ideal for large open areas in full sun as well as shaded areas, along fence lines, sides of houses and under trees. learn more

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

The #1 Selling brand of Buffalo Grass in the World

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass has a very soft leaf, great shade tolerance, outstanding Winter colour, great at out-competing weeds, low allergenic, less thatch, less mowing, disease and pest tolerance and good wear recovery

Most people want a lawn that they can simply mow, fertilise once or twice a year and still have it looking great all the time. Palmetto Buffalo turf provides all of the above with minimal fuss. Unlike other buffalo lawns that have a rough surface, Palmetto has a very soft leaf, perfect for your kids to play on. Even though Palmetto is not as hard wearing as other Buffalos it has a good growth across the ground. Palmetto is perfect for commercial areas, as well as your family backyard. Having a deep root system also makes Palmetto the perfect pick for large areas as it is more water efficient and drought resistant. learn more

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

The only finer textured Buffalo Grass in the World

Being the only finer textured buffalo in the world that has a shade tolerance of 70% each day makes for a perfect lawn.

Generally, Sapphire is a mow and grow grass that requires little work. With a luscious deep green colour and a tinge of blue
(sapphire), it’s sure to make your lawn stand out from the rest on the street. Colour is maintained throughout the Winter months also providing your lawn has been fertilised in the month or two leading up to the cooler weather. LEARN MORE

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass has a medium sized leaf and requires more sunlight than the Sir Walter to survive however it can tolerate up to 4-5 hours shade per day. If the area receives more than 5 hours shade then you will need to consider a buffalo lawn, such as Sir Walter. Zoysia is ideal in full sun areas and in semi-shaded conditions. learn more

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