Keep a Low Maintenance Lawn with Empire Zoysia Grass

Healthy, lush, low maintenance zoysia grass.

What’s the use of agricultural advancements if we don’t get to enjoy them personally, on our front lawn? We all want to feel satisfied with the lush, dark green beauty of a healthy lawn without having to do too much work to achieve such aesthetic brilliance. That’s where Zoysia comes to save the day. Nicknamed EZ-Grass, this ‘Dream Lawn’ is gaining popularity along the Gold Coast, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Semi-Shade Tolerant Grass 

Of all the grass types, we have to say that Zoysia Turf is one of the best when it comes to surviving in the shade. Its medium sized leaf can handle up to 4-5 hours of shade per day – not that you need to worry about that on the Gold Coast. However, due to excess trees or the position of your house or your neighbour’s’ houses, your lawn doesn’t always get the hours of sunshine that it needs. With Zoysia, this ceases to be a problem. This grass can thrive in almost any condition.

Hardly Needs Watering 

You don’t have to worry about finding time to water your lawn every day if you invest in Zoysia. It keeps that luscious dark green colour even if your area is suffering from a drought. This type of turf has a deep root and an underground runner system, allowing it to thrive in both extreme heat and frosty conditions.

Hard Wearing: Great for High Traffic Areas 

Whether you have children and pets or you plan to lay down this turf in a public park, Zoysia is incredibly hard wearing. It is a durable and robust grass type that is excellent at out-competing weeds and recovering quickly from injury. In addition, it has a rather good resistance to insects and diseases, so you won’t need to contribute to the environment with pesticides. It grows well in clay and sandy soil conditions and has a high salt tolerance, which makes it perfect for coastal regions along the Gold Coast, as well.

Less Mowing Necessary

Finally, one of the biggest perks about Zoysia is that it requires far less mowing than any other turf. It’s a slow-growing buffalo grass with thick, deep roots, so it takes longer to reach the level necessary for mowing. In short, it is the all-around low-maintenance product of the turf world.  

Who wants to spend all weekend mowing and maintaining their lawn, when they can enjoy their outdoor space instead? For more information about Zoysia or any other turf varieties, or to find out which turf is best for you, please contact us today at Australian Lawn Concepts in Brisbane. Call 1800 767 644.