Feed Your Lawn Right with Our Lawn Starter Fertiliser Range

Lawntastic Fertiliser Range

If you’re investing in new some turf for your lawn, you’re going to want to make sure you treat it right. Feeding your lawn with the right fertiliser, both before you lay down turf and after, is essential to maintaining the appearance and longevity of your turf. Below, we’ll talk about the Lawn Starter Fertiliser Range and the Lawntastic Premium Fertiliser that we offer at Australian Lawn Concepts. We’ll also give you some advice for when and how often to fertilise your lawn.

About Lawn Starter 

Our Lawn Starter range is a premium blend of pre-turf laying fertiliser. If you plan to lay a new lawn, establish a new lawn from seed, or plant a new garden, don’t forget the essential step of laying down this fertiliser to condition the soil. The premium water crystals that come in the mix act as moisture magnets that help your turf to quickly and efficiently establish a deep root system, making for a strong and durable lawn.

Lawn Starter is ideal for all types of turf, from Sir Walter premium turf to Bluegrass to Zoysia, and even trees, shrubs and flowering plants.

About Lawntastic Premium Fertiliser 

If you’ve already established your lawn and are looking for a high-quality fertiliser, Lawntastic Premium Fertiliser is the best lawn food there is for the Gold Coast environment. It is made up of a special blend of nutrients to enhance the health and look of your lawn as it feeds it, giving your lawn everything it needs to develop and grow.

To apply this fertiliser, spread it evenly over the lawn surface at an above rate. You can use a fertiliser spreader to make it easier, but applying by hand is fine, too. If spreading by hand, each handful (about 50g) should cover about 2 metres squared. Spread smoothly and walk in a criss-cross pattern as you spread to maintain even distribution. Make sure you water in immediately after application.

Tips for Applying Fertiliser 

The general rule for fertilising is to start in the early spring when the weather is starting to warm up. You should fertilise three times a year, starting in spring and then once in summer and once in autumn (winter if you live in the tropics). However, in the summer, try to avoid using the fertiliser if the temperature has exceeded 30 degrees.

If you do live in a tropical region, you’ll want to avoid fertilising before and during the wet season because the nutrients could be washed away before they have time to sink in and do their job. If you live in a coastal, sandy region along the Gold Coast, like Brisbane, you might want to accommodate with more frequent lighter applications. Lawntastic Premium Fertiliser can be used at 6-week intervals if needed. 

For more tips and advice on fertiliser use, please contact one of our friendly specialists today at Australian Lawn Concepts on the Gold Coast.