Does the Grass Look Greener Next Door? Here’s Why!

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Here’s the situation: the neighbour’s lawn is lush, thick and a rich shade of green. Your lawn is a patchy, uneven quilt of murky brown and beige, and it’s making you literally green with envy.

The secret’s not rocket science. Like all living things, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast turf needs only a few things to keep it in top condition: Food, water, and the right environment.

Let’s find out what you will need to make the neighbours green with envy!

turf supply gold coast

Lawn Compatibility

The first thing to check is if you’ve got the right turf for your location. Check our turf page to see if yours is right for you. Some grasses don’t like shade and others need large quantities of sunlight, so all turf is not created equal.

If you’re not sure what kind of lawn you have, take a photo and email us or call into our showroom with a cutting. We’d also like to know how big the area is if there are any trees on the lawn, and what kind of shade and sunlight your lawn gets.

Lawn Care

Feeding your lawn the right diet year-round may sound strange, but you won’t get a great lawn without giving it some TLC. At the beginning of each season, make sure you get some fertiliser and nutrients into your Sir Walter Turf, which is the most popular lawn in South East Queensland.

All lawns have different needs, so if you’re not sure, talk to us for advice that will get you into a routine that keeps your lawn looking amazing year-round.

Here are some general tips for each season:

  • Summer
    Let your lawn keep some length and shape while mowing in summer. Fertilise early in the season and aim for an hour of watering a week. A healthy lawn and some weed killer should keep your grass weed-free.
  • Autumn
    Leaving some height on your lawn while mowing is the key in autumn. Fertilise at the end of the month to prepare for winter and to combat heavy rainfall.
  • Winter
    Fertilise your lawn at the start of the month – winter is the time to fight weeds and take a break from mowing. Take on the task of mowing less regularly during this period, around every 28 days.
  • Spring
    Spring is a great time to focus on your soil. Whether that means wetting, aerating or monitoring pH will depend on your situation. Boost your lawn with some nutrient rich fertiliser and as the weather gets warmer prepare to start watering more. Depending on rain and your type of grass, fortnightly mowing may be a good approach.

Start from the Beginning

If your lawn is way past the point of no return, it’s time to consider a new turf installation. Check out our buyer’s checklist when you’re ready to start on your lawn dream. For all your turf supplies on the Gold Coast, we can help.

Before you start on your lawn journey, talk to one of our experts on 1800 767 644, use our contact form or drop in for a chat. We’ve got a huge range of turf supplies and we love to talk turf.