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When building a new home the worst thing is having everything nice, new and clean and then the family pet (followed by the kids) runs through the house dragging with them all the mud and dirt from outside! The best form of dust suppressant is a natural cover such as turfgrass. Turf is also one of the best most natural and sustainable forms of erosion control. The DPI Research Station at Redlands recently conducted trials on erosion control using different forms of control and turf was named number one. For more information on these trials please click here

Sir Walter Turf

If looking at preventing mud from spreading through your new home then you need a quick instant lawn. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is the perfect lawn for reducing dust, increasing cleanliness and is child and pet friendly. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass has a think root system that will establish fast. As Sir Walter is a thick and spongy lawn, when wet (if in a healthy condition) it won’t get muddy and wear like common couch lawns. Sir Walter is the best lawn to use for dust suppression and erosion control in a shaded situation only requiring 3 hours full sun a day. learn more

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass is an ideal lawn variety for erosion control on slopped and hard to mow areas. Zoysia Grass is a slow growing low maintenance lawn. If you have an area that is too dangerous to mow or is difficult to access then Zoysia is the best choice. A Zoysia Grass lawn requires at least 4-5 hours full sun otherwise we would recommend Sir Walter Buffalo Grass. Zoysia is ideal for sloped areas, batters and domestic situations. learn more

Oz Tuff Australian Couch Sports Grass

Oz Tuff Australian Couch Sports Grass like Zoysia is a slower growing variety. Whilst it isn’t as slow growing as the Zoysia, unlike most couch varieties the Oz Tuff Sports Grass doesn’t throw up a seed head unless in distress. This means that although you may not mow it often it will still look nice rather than unkempt. Oz Tuff would be ideal on sloped areas, batters or in domestic situations. learn more

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