Zoysia Lawns by Australian Lawn Concepts

Zoysia Turf Australian Lawn Concepts 1

For a homeowner wanting a lawn that requires less mowing, is water-wise and hard wearing and has an eye-catching dark green colour – A Zoysia turf is your answer. Zoysia varieties such as Empire®Zoysia & Nara Native®Zoysia have gained popularity throughout the warmer climates of Australia due to their low maintenance, water-efficient nature and eye-catching dark green colour.

This popular grass has a deep-rooted, underground runner system that allows Zoysia turf to endure extreme climates such as heat, humidity and sub-zero temperatures.

Since Zoysia turf breeds can survive on little rainfall, they are an ideal choice for regions with water restrictions.

While being a hardy lawn, Zoysia grass also has a fine to medium leaf which is soft underfoot.

Compared to Couch and Kikuyu varieties, Zoysia grass also has a reputation for strengthening soil profiles and improving erosion control.

The Zoysia lawn has also proven itself to be extremely popular to homeowners who want a good-looking, low maintenance grass that requires less mowing, weeding and fertiliser compared to Kikuyu, Couch or Buffalo lawns.