Turf Queensland’s “Innovation in Queensland Turf Production”

John Keleher, Australian Lawn Concepts MD in interaction with people who participated in workshop

John Keleher, Australian Lawn Concepts MD welcomed and thanked everyone for coming including DAFQ (Ian) and Turf Queensland and Dover and Sons. John then gave his talk on ‘This Is The First Time Variable Rate Irrigation Has Been Utilised For Turf Production In Australia’ along with Bob Dover from Zimatic.

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Key Points:

100 plus ha of Turf production

50% high price 50% low price

25 staff

7 centre pivots (8ha to 60 ha)

Current owners for 12 years

Still learning…….

Water Use Efficiency

Pivots tested – distribution uniformity etc

Pumps tested – % efficiency, KwH etc

Soil Water holding capacity – moisture meters

Application efficiency

Pan Evaporation, Crop Factors

Practical Experience, BMP.

What’s missing?


Precision Ag/Site Specific Crop ManagementPrecision AG Site Specific Crop Management

Yield Maps


Application technology

Soil Map, EM 38



Why VRI for ALC?

Practical technology

Natural Resource Management

Harvest cycle = $

Improved management

Social conscience

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Greg Banff Golden Finch Lawns & Danny Weire Precision Ag Solutions) gave their talk on: Tractor mounted Variable-Rate Fertiliser (not Fertigation) is suitable for turf production and used widely in broad acre cropping.

Paul Spencer, Sales Agronomist Greenway Turf Solutions gave his talk on: Controlled release fertilisers minimise waste and the latest in fertiliser technologies to provide controlled release of nitrogen and protect nutrient sediment run-off whilst improving yield and protecting the environment.

We would like to again thank everyone who came to this event and hope that you had an informative and enjoyable day. #turf #turfproducers #turfgrass #turfgrassproducers #turffarm #lawn #lawns #perfectlawn #alcturf