Turf Quality

Turf Queensland Accreditation is a transparent process, providing the purchaser confidence and accountability as having met a standard or criterion through improvement in the turf industry. Accreditation provides differentiation and recognition based on achieved competency standards.

  1. Use standards of evaluation to ensure quality turf production
  2. Use standards of evaluation to ensure quality turf production
  3. Ensure the accountability of turf production
  4. Provide public confidence in the supply of a quality product


  • Third party Accreditation is the longest established and most widely known process for external evaluation of professional quality products and services. Accreditation is an endorsement of conformity, competence, credibility, integrity, professionalism and independence by a third-party auditor organisation.
  • The Turf Accreditation Process (TAP) is implemented to ensure the supply and delivery of high-quality natural turfgrass to the end user. Accreditation recognizes the achievements of professional quality natural turfgrass producers that meet the documented requirements of approved established standards.
  • Accreditation relies on a set of formal standards that hold the industry accountable. In the production of natural turfgrass third-party audited accreditation is based on standards developed by turfgrass production Professionals it is the process by which many industries benchmark their performance. It also guarantees to the end user a minimum standard in the supply of quality turfgrass in line with that specified.
  • Both “Accreditation” and “Certification” in everyday language is often used interchangeably. This is incorrect as both terms have very different and specific meaning.


  • Independent third-party audited Accreditation reflects the quality and knowledge of the Turf Producer in manner in which it conducts its business. It conveys public trust as well as professional quality.
  • Confidence in the marketplace of the Turf product and services provided by an accredited Turf Producer is essential. Trust is placed in the products and services provided often without a second thought by the customer.
  • The TAP Accreditation provides assurances that the accredited Turf Producer continuously reviews and improves its quality and meets the endorsed standards developed by Turf Queensland and is accountable for meeting such standards.
  • The Turf Queensland Turf Accreditation Process’ provides a forum in which the professional Turf Producer can exchange ideas on future needs to improve the quality of product and services and remains consistent with the goals and objectives of the programme.


  • Third-party audited Accreditation limits the need for government to regulate the industry and the profession.
  • It provides an opportunity to ensure the reliability and quality of product and services that have the potential to impact on public confidence or the industry’s reputation.
  • All levels of government and businesses target to reduce the risk of product failure or the consequence of legal requirements. Utilising a third party accredited Turf Production Company in the supply of products and services reduce risk.
  • Reduces costs caused by re-work and failures.
  • Tender specifications not being able to be supported by the product claims and requirements are eliminated.
  • Legal action as a result of failed product or service.
  • Environmental adherence assured.

RISK MANAGMENT: “TAP Accreditation Can Minimise Risk”

  • Risk management is simply a practice of systematically selecting cost-effective approaches for minimising the effect of threat realisation to the organisation or project.
  • It is the identification, assessment and prioritisation of risks that will control costs and the probability or impact of unfortunate events in project failures and natural causes.


  • All natural turfgrass selected and supplied will be from a Turf Queensland Inc. ‘Accredited Producer ‘under the industry’s third-party accredited Turf Accreditation Process (TAP) program. All natural turfgrass supplied must meet the product standards as detailed within that programme. TAP Accredited natural turfgrass producers and suppliers are available across Queensland and can be found on the Association web site: www.qtpa.com.au or phone: (07)3488 0917.

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