The Allure of Sir Walter Buffalo Grass for Modern Lawns

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass for Modern Lawns

In the world of lawn landscaping, Sir Walter Buffalo grass stands out as a premier choice for Australian tradies and businesses. Its superior qualities have not only made it a top-selling Buffalo lawn worldwide but also a favourite for those seeking to create vibrant and sustainable green spaces. 

Let’s delve into the intricacies of Sir Walter Buffalo lawn, exploring why it is an exceptional choice for modern lawns, its benefits, and how it perfectly caters to the needs of various users.

Introduction to Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is a soft-leaf variety known for its incredible adaptability and resilience. It boasts a broad leaf texture, excellent shade tolerance, and retains a stunning deep green colour. With its ability to thrive in various conditions, Sir Walter is an ideal turf for Australian environments, offering an impressive combination of beauty and performance.

Why Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Stands Out

Superior Shade Tolerance

One of Sir Walter Buffalo’s standout features is its shade tolerance. Requiring only 2-3 hours of direct sunlight per day, it is perfectly suited for gardens with substantial tree cover or buildings that cast significant shadows. Its active winter growth ensures that it maintains density and colour throughout the cooler months, making it a robust year-round option.

Weed Resistance

Sir Walter’s dense growth structure creates a natural barrier against weeds, effectively out-competing unwanted invaders. This resistance is particularly strong during the winter months, when other varieties may weaken, giving Sir Walter a distinct advantage in maintaining a weed-free lawn.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Designed for those who prefer a beautiful lawn without extensive upkeep, Sir Walter requires less mowing due to its slower growth rate and reduced thatching. Its disease and pest tolerance further minimise the need for frequent interventions, allowing for a low-maintenance turf solution.

High Wear Tolerance

For high-use areas, we recommend laying Sir Walter Buffalo. It has impressively high wear tolerance, standing up to anything from daily public foot traffic to playing kids and pets. 

Aesthetic and Comfort Appeal

With a broad, soft leaf that’s gentle to the touch, Sir Walter grass offers comfort and visual appeal. Its wide leaves create a lush, carpet-like appearance that adds an element of luxury to any landscape. Moreover, its low allergenic properties make it a safe choice for families and those with sensitivities.

Who Is Sir Walter Buffalo Grass For?


For homeowners looking for an attractive and functional lawn that can withstand the playfulness of children and pets, Sir Walter Buffalo is an excellent choice. Its soft texture and high wear tolerance make it safe and durable for family activities. The Sir Walter Buffalo maintenance requirements also ensure homeowners won’t be spending all of their time on their lawn.

Commercial Landscapers

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is a favourite among landscapers for its aesthetic consistency and reliability. Its resilience and low maintenance make it an economical and attractive option for commercial properties, public parks, and recreational areas.

Turf Resellers

The popularity and proven performance of Sir Walter Buffalo grass ensure that it remains a sought-after product for resellers. It offers a turf solution that satisfies the practical and aesthetic demands of a broad customer base.

Caring for Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Yearly Lawn Care Plan

Adhering to a yearly lawn care plan ensures your Sir Walter Buffalo grass stays healthy and vibrant. 

In spring, applications of grub and pest control, along with a Sir Walter Buffalo fertiliser and weed preventer, set the stage for robust growth. The summer months call for moisture retention strategies and weed management. Autumn is the time for reinforcing the lawn’s health before winter. Lastly, in winter, maintaining the lawn’s structure and ensuring it has enough water is key.

Fertilising and Watering

Sir Walter turf requires fertilisation to maintain its lushness and colour. A specially formulated Buffalo grass fertiliser applied during the growing seasons will keep it in top condition. While it has medium drought tolerance, ensuring a consistent watering schedule during dry periods will promote a deep root system and overall health.

The Australian Lawn Concepts Advantage

As a leading supplier of turf in Australia, Australian Lawn Concepts offers unparalleled expertise in Sir Walter Buffalo grass. Our team is committed to providing premium turf and comprehensive advice on installation and maintenance along with competitive Sir Walter Buffalo turf prices. 

Sir Walter Buffalo grass represents the pinnacle of lawn luxury and practicality. Its adaptability to shade, low maintenance demands, and year-round resilience make it an outstanding choice for various landscaping projects. For those seeking to elevate their outdoor spaces, Australian Lawn Concepts is your trusted partner, ready to supply top-tier Sir Walter Buffalo grass and expert guidance to ensure the success of your lawn.

Discover the full potential of Sir Walter Buffalo price and features for your next project by visiting our website. Connect with us, and let’s craft stunning, enduring, and eco-friendly lawns together.