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Oz Tuff Sports Turf is Australian born and bred. It is a high wear, low maintenance, salt tolerant premium couch variety. Like all couch lawns the area needs to be in full sun. This lawn can only handle 2 hours shade or it will die off.

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  • It tolerates higher degrees of stress than most other turf varieties.
  • It has less nutritional requirements than most turf varieties.
  • Oz Tuff Sports Grass is a PBR licensed product.
  • It doesn’t throw a seed head, which allows for low allergy and tidier appearance.
  • Oz Tuff is a high quality but low cost turfgrass.
  • It can be used for many different applications including domestic lawns, parks and community and elite sporting fields and ovals.


Heat-Drought-Tolerance-IconHigh drought tolerance

Oz Tuff has a high drought tolerance. It is able to maintain its green colour for longer and recovers quickly after drought stress.

Wear-Tolerance-Children-Pets-IconHigh wear tolerance

In a 4 year HAL study (TU08018) Oz Tuff ranked #1 for wear tolerance.

Salt Tolerance Icon blueSalt tolerance

Oz Tuff performs well in coastal locations such as home lawns, parks and foreshores which tend to face high environmental pressure. It is also able to survive when recycled water is used.

Lawn Grub Insects IconDisease and pest resistance

Common turf pests such as couch mite and lawn grub are less active within Oz Tuff.



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