Buffalo Turf

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  • Palmetto-Buffalo-Lawn-Turf-Grass-Australian Lawn Concepts Turf-11w

    Palmetto Buffalo Grass


    per m².

    Palmetto is the Number One Selling Buffalo Lawn in the World. Palmetto has a very soft leaf, great shade tolerance, outstanding Winter colour.

  • Sapphire-Soft-Leaf-Buffalo-Lawn-Turf-Grass-16-w-Australian Lawn Concepts Turf

    Sapphire Buffalo


    per m².

    Sapphire Turf Buffalo Grass is the only finer textured buffalo in the world. Sapphire Turf has a shade tolerance up to 70% which makes for a perfect lawn.

  • Sir Walter Buffalo Grass by Australian Lawn Concepts 060624-3

    Sir Walter Buffalo Grass®


    per m²

    Sir Walter Buffalo Grass has a broad leaf, deep green in colour which is soft to the touch and simply beautiful all year round. It has incredible shade tolerance only requiring 2 to 3 hours full sun per day.