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Platinum Zoysia Grass really is ‘The Dream Lawn’ and the trend is moving towards it with good reason. It is a premium quality finer blade grass. Platinum Zoysia Grass has been given the nickname EZ Grass (easy grass) because of its low maintenance, less mowing nature.

Platinum Zoysia Grass Benefits

  • Less Watering

  • Less Fertilising

  • Less Mowing

Platinum Zoysia Grass With Entrance Way

A Platinum Zoysia Grass Lawn Will Be The Envy Of Your Neighbourhood

  • It is a semi shade tolerant grass. It requires 4-5 hours full sun per day.

  • A luscious dark green colour.

  • A fine leaf with a luxurious soft to touch feel (not rough and intrusive).

  • One of the most drought tolerant turf varieties because of its deep root and underground runner system.

  • Grows well in clay and sandy soil areas.

  • Loves the coastal regions due to its salt tolerance.

  • Thrives in extreme heat and can tolerate cold frosty conditions.

  • Hard-wearing for children and animals, recovers well from injury, durable & robust, and is excellent at out-competing weeds.

  • Good resistance to insects and diseases which is great for the environment.

  • Ideal for residential yards, sloped areas, parks, sports fields, golf courses, childcare centres etc.

  • Overall if you’d rather spend time with your loved ones, and not all weekend mowing and weeding the lawn, then Platinum Zoysia Grass is the perfect turf for you.


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