Lawn Edging Like a Pro

tips to edge your lawn like a pro

In beautiful Queensland, with our high rainfall and plenty of sunshine, everything grows twice as fast and twice as big. So will turf, which can make a mess of your edges and borders if you don’t keep up a regular maintenance regime.

The good news is you can get the job done right with a few pro tips and the right tools.

If you’re starting out on a new landscaping project, you’ll need to build in a border. There are three types of borders that separate your lawn from your garden or paved area.

  1. Four-inch metal border – the simplest way to differentiate between your garden beds and your lawn, metal borders are virtually invisible. This solution is elegant and natural-looking.
  2. Wood border – a railway sleeper or fit-for-purpose designed product creates a strong visual differentiation between your lawn and garden beds.
  3. Paver border – a durable and professional approach that will take the most time and know-how to install. It’s also a highly visual border

Depending on your aesthetics, budget, and skill level you’ll need to get some advice on bordering. Our experts can help you figure out what and how much of it you need. We’ve also got all the supplies Gold Coast home landscapers need to get their turf looking its best.

Keeping Your Lawn in Its Place

Once you’ve got a border established in your garden, keeping your lawn from over-growing your border will take a regular maintenance schedule – but not quite as frequently as mowing.

On average, you’ll want to edge every two mows. In summer this will be every 2-4 weeks while in winter it will be every 4-8 weeks. If you’re really picky, once a week with a trimmer will keep your lawn looking like a defined carpet of green goodness.

At Australian Lawn Concepts, we recommend investing in a power edger. You’ll also need a manual edging tool for trickier bits. If you want, you can use the manual edging tool for the whole job, instead of a power edger. It’s just as effective as a power edger and it will do your entire border. The only difference is it will take longer.

A beautiful lawn is like a perfect picture. Framed by a definite border and lush garden beds, it’ll look its best all year round. 

Get the best advice and expert tips on edging your lawn. Call us at 1800 767 644, use our contact form, or drop in for a chat. We’ve got a huge range of turf supplies and solutions that’ll solve any lawn problem you can throw at us.