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Know Your Weeds

There are hundreds of weeds that invade our turf on the Gold Coast. Not only do we have weeds to contend with, armyworm can wipe out our lawns at a staggering rate. Being aware of the parasite and staying on top of your weeding will keep your lawn healthy and vibrant throughout the year.

Dandelion is a common weed found in Gold Coast lawns

The lawn armyworm – or lawn grub – is a native of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Australia and the South Pacific, so it’s really only a problem in more tropical climates of Australia.

Regular Weeding

Dandelion can also cause havoc on your lawn. It’s characterised by a pretty yellow flower and those fun, white balls that kids love to blow in the wind. The problem with blowing them is that this spreads their seed all over your lawn, giving the Dandelion the opportunity to take over. The best way to manage Dandelion is to pull them out as soon as you seem them sprouting.

There are eight common weeds on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast that you’ll need to be aware of as you care for your lawn and three solutions that’ll manage them. Any weed can be managed manually, but chemical solutions do make it easier.

Sempra can be used to keep Nut Grass and Mullumbimby Couch off your lawns. Broadleaf, Clover, Creeping Oxalis, and Bindii can be managed with Sir Walter Weed Control. The only solution for Crows Foot and Summer Grass is the old fashioned method of pulling – or digging – them out manually.

If you’re not sure what kind of weed you’ve got growing on your lawn, have a look at our weed and pest guide. If it’s not one of the common weeds, you can either bring it in or email us an image and we’ll get back to you with the variety and a solution.

Lawn Grub Control

Lawn grub – or armyworm – can be a real problem on lawns. An infestation can be really difficult to get rid of. If you’re losing lawn at a rate of about a one-foot diameter a night, there’s a good chance armyworm have invaded. If you’ve got a lot of birds feeding on your lawn, you’ve definitely got them.

Look out for the grubs and their eggs, which are covered in light brown hairs and cemented onto leaves. Never water them off. They’ll just end up in the soil and will likely mature. At 600-700 eggs at a lay, that’s a problem you want to avoid. Brush them off instead and check all your eaves and ceilings near lights.

Armyworm is very persistent and it’s likely if your lawn has an infestation, your neighbours are also in the firing line. There’s a downloadable flyer you can use to distribute to your neighbours that gives them an overview of the problem and how to treat it with Sir Walter Pest Control. Australian Lawn Concepts can help you with all your

Australian Lawn Concepts can help you with all your lawn care supplies in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast as well as managing your lawn on an ongoing basis.

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