Interesting Article | Heat Benefits of Green Roofs

The winter months are often associated with an increase in heating costs and purchase of big woolly jumpers.

Green roofs are fast becoming a cost-effective alternative to typical winter insulation. According to Victoria’s Growing Green Guide (a collaborative project by The University of Melbourne, The Inner Melbourne Action Plan and a number of industry experts) green roofs not only reduce heating costs but also create and preserve ecological diversity and remove gaseous pollutants from the air.

Fytogreen, partner to the 202020 Vision, is currently helping to build the biggest green roof in the southern hemisphere. Located near Wonthaggi Victoria, the roof covers a total area of 27,000m2 and incorporates 110,000 tube stocks of various plant species, all indigenous to the local environment.

Do you have a new green roof? Add it to the 202020 Vision.

Birds Eye View Of Green Roof

Article By 202020 Vision