How To Lay Turf In Summer

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Thinking about getting a new lawn in time for your Christmas get togethers or a Boxing Day BBQ?

Don’t be put off laying a new lawn during Summer months, in fact it is perfectly fine to put turf down providing you have plenty of water available to establish it. During the warmer months your turf will actually establish a lot quicker with the right care.

It Is Crucial That You Lay Your Turf Immediately Once Delivered

If you are planning on getting a turf delivery during Summer, it is crucial that you lay it immediately once delivered to avoid any risk of Pallet Burn. Watering is also a vital part in establishing a healthy lawn – if you are hot and thirsty, your lawn probably is too. Turf laid in the warmer months generally needs more watering than they would throughout Winter with watering up to 3-4 times a day for long, deep soakings. But it is important to remember that Lawns don’t take public holidays and will still need watering on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s etc.

What To Do If You Are Going Away On Holiday After Laying A New Lawn

Are you looking to go away on holidays after laying a new lawn? You will either need to arrange for someone to water whilst you are away, have timed irrigation or just wait until you get back. When organising your delivery it is important to have your site ready and fully prepared BEFORE your turf arrives. Another question to ask yourself before laying a new lawn is if you will be able to keep up with regular watering throughout the day for a few weeks.

Water During The Coolest Parts Of The Day To Limit Evaporation

Summer heat will evaporate moisture during the daytime so watering during the coolest parts of the day is recommended. This will allow the soil to soak up and save as much moisture as possible. Windy days will also dry out your lawn, so it is important to monitor how quickly it is drying and keep watering up. Summer storms tend to give a false sense of water. Many customers stop watering because of rain from a storm, though they often go by so fast that the lawn is unable to soak in enough water. Lawns require a minimum of 25ml per day (before evaporation).

How Do You Know If You Are Under-Watering?

A clear indication you may be under-watering is the edges of the slabs will start to go white or discolour and eventually the entire slab. If this starts to happen increase your watering’s immediately. Bear in mind turf in shade will need less than turf in full sun and if turf is laid near bricks, concrete, trees or other porous objects you will need to increase water.

After a couple weeks of watering and following all necessary care instructions you will notice you can no longer lift up the slabs of turf – this means that it is establishing, and you can begin to reduce the regularity of watering. A handy hint is if you walk across your lawn and see footprints that will indicate that your lawn is thirsty, if you can’t see footprints and the lawn bounces back it is well hydrated

Remember when establishing a new lawn to water, water and then water some more. For more handy hints check out our website .