How to choose the best turf

Feet on lawn

When choosing the best turf, you need to carefully consider the type of lawn that you need. From shade tolerant to wear tolerant and low maintenance, there is no turf that is best for every situation.

There are many varieties available in Australia and it can be hard to decide what turf is right for you. The right turf for your home will depend on the availability of water, climate, usage and preferred appearance. Below are our top tips for how to choose the best turf for your garden.

Choosing The Right Turf 


If you don’t have time to mow, maintain, fertilise and edge regularly, you’ll want to consider a slower growing, lowest maintenance variety, such as Zoysia.

Time of Installation

Due to the weather in Qld all turf varieties will establish well all year round, however in Summer you need to ensure the lawn is watered more and that you keep water up to yourself when laying it and in Winter it may just take a little bit longer to establish but it is perfect conditions for you to be out laying turf. Spring and Autumn are ideal not just for turf establishment but so it is cooler for you when laying.

Disease Resistant

Some grass types are more likely to get a specific disease than others. You can also find some varieties of grass that resist specific diseases. All Zoysia types are highly resistant to lawn grub, particularly Army Worm and Web Worm.


How much sunlight is available? This will have a huge bearing as some turf varieties need more sunlight than others. If you have extensive shade, you may wish to choose a Sir Walter variety that will cater for these needs. If you do prefer the finer leaf then Zoysia can tolerate up to 40% shade.

Wear and Use

Consider how much traffic the lawn will be getting. Will it simply be an ornamental lawn or will it be a recreational lawn used extensively by children or pets? Only use Buffalo grass if the area is shady and fertilise it often to aid with recovery.


Can the area you live in become frost-affected? Certain grasses can lose their colour in the winter months if exposed to extreme cold temperatures. If the colour and appearance of your lawn is particularly important, don’t forget to take this into consideration.


If you, your family members or pets suffer from allergies, you may want to opt for a low-allergy turf variety. Sir Walter has no known allergenic problems. Typically this turf produces very little seed head and many people comment that the non-irritable nature is why they choose Sir Walter. Oz Tuff is also relatively free of seed head.

Soil and Drainage

Do you have adequate soil? If you have drainage problems, can they be fixed? If the soil is poor and compacted, no turf will thrive. In Sandy Soils for home lawns, Zoysia types stand out as the best. In drainage channels, Zoysia also copes the best by far with wet feet, and needs less mowing.

These questions need to be carefully considered so that your choice of turf variety is the most appropriate for your needs and one that you will continue to be satisfied with for years to come.