Experience The Sir Walter Difference


  • Sir Walter is the most popular lawn Australia wide, real estate agents now actually list it as a selling feature!
  • Sir Walter requires less mowing (than couch and kikuyu) to look its best, saving you money & time.
  • Sir Walter looks good in full sun and shade with less water, adding value to your home.
  • Sir Walter is known and grown Australia-wide, making it the respected choice of discerning home owners.
  • Sir Walter lawns are an evergreen addition to your home – properly maintained they’ll never need replacing.
  • Sir Walter bounces back after the toughest droughts, unlike competitor lawns which frequently need replacements.
  • Sir Walter is a much cheaper landscaping feature than gardens and pavers, because of its superior shade tolerance it can be used in more places, saving you money.
  • Homes with a nice Sir Walter lawn sell better than those without. Ask a Sir Walter lawn owner.
  • Kids love to play on Sir Walter, reducing childhood obesity and keeping your family fit and active.


  • Sir Walter needs far less water than most other turf.
  • Sir Walter is tough to insect attack, significantly reducing the need for pesticides.
  • Sir Walter rarely suffers severe fungus, reducing the need for fungicides.
  • Sir Walter is actually low allergy – no ‘itchies’ for kids and pets.
  • Sir Walter has a dense cover reducing weed infestation, meaning less herbicide usage.
  • Sir Walter will grow in most conditions (even difficult shade areas) & is ideal for erosion control.
  • Sir Walter will keep your home 10 degrees cooler than bare soil, 20 degrees cooler than concrete and 40 degrees cooler than artificial turf!
  • The average Sir Walter home lawn produces more oxygen than the world’s largest tree!
  • Sir Walter is great for carbon sequestration (storing carbon), more efficient than trees.
  • Sir Walter acts as a natural filter for our waterways.


  • Sir Walter is the most successful PBR Turf grass in Australia, hands down.
  • It outsells the competition 10 to 1 in volume.
  • Over 30 million meters of Sir Walter have been sold in Australia (that’s almost 200,000 home lawns!
  • Even the biggest grass breeders in Australia and USA are desperately trying to claim they are breeding from it.
  • Australia’s largest grower of the opposition turf has just switched to Sir Walter because nothing else comes close.
  • Sir Walter (per capital) is the most popular warm season domestic turf developed in the world.
  • Sir Walter is 100% Aussie born & bred. Despite competitor claims, no other variety has been cultivated from it.
  • Don Bourke, Jamie Durie, Jason Hodges and Nigel Ruck have all said on=air or in print it’s the best grass.
  • Australia’s leading gardening TV shows specify Sir Walter more than any other turf variety.
  • Sir Walter is so popular, horticultural companies have now developed lawn care products just for it.

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