Caring for Empire Zoysia: Maintenance and Tips

Empire Zoysia: Maintenance and Tips

In the quest for a perfect Australian lawn, Empire Zoysia emerges as a standout choice, well-suited for the varying climates of Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the surrounding areas. Known for its fine blade and lush green appearance, Empire Zoysia has garnered praise as ‘The Dream Lawn.’ 

Learn about the essential steps of laying and maintaining Empire Zoysia turf, ensuring it not only takes root but thrives.

Laying the Foundation

The foundation you lay for your Empire Zoysia lawn is pivotal in ensuring it thrives. Careful preparation and methodical application during installation will result in a lawn that not only looks great but is also durable and healthy. 

Soil Preparation

Before anything else, preparing the soil is your first step towards a successful lawn. Start this process by clearing your intended lawn area of all weeds, rocks, and debris. This creates a clean slate for your turf and ensures that there are no impediments to root growth. Any existing lawn or weeds should be sprayed out 1-2 times to ensure it doesn’t grow through your new turf.

Aerating the soil can also be beneficial; it helps oxygen reach the roots and facilitates deeper root growth, which is crucial for a resilient lawn.

Once cleared, focus on the soil’s quality. Empire Zoysia thrives in a nutrient-rich environment, so it’s beneficial to install a minimum of 100-150mm of a top-quality under turf soil into your area. This improves the soil structure, enhances its nutrient content, and aids in maintaining adequate moisture levels. 


With your soil ready, the next step is levelling. This doesn’t just influence the aesthetic appeal of your lawn—it’s critical for functional reasons. Proper levelling prevents water from pooling in certain areas, which can lead to lawn diseases and uneven growth.

To level your ground, you can use a lawn leveller or a large rake. Start by spreading the soil evenly across the area and then gently grade the soil to ensure it slopes away from buildings, aiding in effective drainage. Keep the surface as even as possible, but also allow for a slight gradient for natural water runoff.

Turf Installation

Now, the exciting part—laying the Empire Zoysia turf. Begin by planning your layout. Laying the turf in a staggered (brickwork) pattern can significantly minimise visible seams and help the individual turf pieces knit together more seamlessly.

Start laying the turf along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or house edge. As you lay down each piece, ensure the edges fit snugly together without overlapping or leaving gaps. Press down on the turf gently to encourage good contact with the soil beneath, which helps with root establishment.

Using a sharp knife or shears, trim any excess turf around edges, garden beds, or obstacles to ensure a clean, professional finish. After laying down the turf, lightly roll the entire area with a lawn roller. This step ensures all roots make good contact with the soil underneath, which is crucial for the early stages of root establishment.

Initial Empire Zoysia Care

After you’ve successfully installed your turf, the initial Empire Zoysia grass care phase begins. This period is crucial as the turf starts to establish its roots and adapt to the new environment. The right care during this phase will set your lawn up for long-term health and resilience. Here are the essential steps to take immediately after installation:


Proper hydration is key to helping new turf establish. Start by watering your Empire Zoysia lawn twice daily during the first few weeks post-installation. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to water, avoiding the heat of the day when water can evaporate too quickly.

Make sure the water penetrates the soil to a good depth, encouraging the roots to grow downward. As the turf matures and the roots grow deeper, you can gradually reduce the frequency of watering. Empire Zoysia’s drought-resistant qualities will begin to manifest as it requires less water to maintain its health and vibrancy.

Rolling the Turf

After the first watering, it’s beneficial to roll the turf. This step might seem minor, but it plays a crucial role in the successful establishment of your new lawn. Use a lawn roller—either hand-operated or tow-behind depending on the size of your area—to gently press the turf down into the soil. This action enhances the contact between the turf roots and the soil, which is essential for root growth.

Monitoring Early Growth

In the weeks following installation, keep a close eye on your turf. Look for signs of growth and rooting, such as increased firmness when you walk on the turf. It’s also important to watch for any signs of stress or poor health, such as yellowing leaves or dry patches. These symptoms could indicate issues with watering, pests, or disease, all of which need to be addressed promptly to ensure the health of your Empire Zoysia lawn.

Ongoing Empire Zoysia Grass Maintenance

Empire Zoysia is celebrated for its low maintenance requirements, but proper care will keep it looking its best.


Less frequent mowing is required due to its slow growth rate. Maintain a height of 2-5cm, mowing only about one-third of the leaf blade to reduce stress on the grass.


Water less frequently but deeply, promoting drought tolerance and deep rooting. The unique ability of Empire Zoysia to roll its leaves signals when it’s time for a drink.

Protect against Weeds & Pests

Protective measures against weeds and pests are an essential and cost-effective way to safeguard your Empire Zoysia lawn. Applying pre-emergent herbicides early in the spring prevents weed seeds from germinating, maintaining the lawn’s aesthetic and uniformity. Similarly, using products like Acelepryn for lawn grub prevention can protect your turf from damaging pests. 


Use Empire Zoysia fertiliser in the early spring and late summer to promote lush growth and enhance the lawn’s green colour. Avoid over-fertilising, which can lead to excessive growth and potential pest issues.

Why Choose Australian Lawn Concepts?

At Australian Lawn Concepts we are partners in creating your dream landscape. With our high-quality Empire Zoysia grass, we offer comprehensive support for all stages of your landscaping project—from design and installation to maintenance advice. 

Our team is committed to ensuring that your lawn not only survives but thrives, providing a beautiful, sustainable setting for your home.