Autumn Lawn Care

Like Spring, Autumn is a very important time of the year for your lawn. This is the time when you need to get your lawn ready to battle the elements of winter to minimise the effects of the cooler months.


Although the days are certainly cooler, there is still enough warmth in your soil for your lawn to keep actively growing, making it an essential time for lawn health. Fertilising your lawn at this time of year will not only encourage strong root development and winter colour but also overall health and vigour.

Depending on where you live, aim to take action in March or April. The cooler your region the earlier you should act. You should really aim to have your lawn in peak condition by Easter, after that it’s too late for many areas.

Lawn Grubs, Army Worms & Other Pests

One particularly annoying pest that is active during autumn is the lawn grub. Lawn grubs, like army worm, cutworm and sod web worm, can cause serious damage to your lawn. Keep an eye out for these nasty pests and get on to them quickly with a grub control.


It’s best to keep your lawn slightly longer throughout the cooler months so it’s better equipped for photosynthesis and weed suppression. To maintain a longer length lawn you’ll need to mow less frequently, which makes this time of year an ideal time to maintain your mower. Sharpen the blades, replace the spark plugs, use clean fuel and make sure all your mower’s parts are in good working order.