Augusta Zoysia Lawn

Augusta Zoysia is a Revolutionary Golf Course Turf Grass Now Available For Your Lawn!

Augusta Zoysia lawn is for you if you are looking for the absolute very best lawn.

Augusta Zoysia is fine and soft, yet tough and low maintenance, with amazing ‘Eye Appeal’. Augusta uses less water and fertiliser.

Children and Pets Turf Wear Icon

High Wear Tolerance

Drought Tolerance Lawn Turf Icon3

High Drought Tolerance

Low Maintenance Turf Icon

Low Maintenance

Shade Tolerance Lawn Icon

Over 75% Shade Tolerance

Weed Resistant Lawn Icon

Weed Resistant

Lawn Mower Icon4

Maintain to recommended height of 2 cm – 5 cm *

Lawn Fertiliser Icon

Only needs low nitrogen slow release fertilising twice per year **

*in the sun and 5 cm – 7 cm in the shade.
Only mow one third of the leaf at a time.
Remove clippings.

**Spring and Autumn. We recommend ZOYSTAR Fertiliser for all our Zoysia varieties as it is formulated specifically for Zoysias.


Augusta Zoysia Yearly Lawn Care Plan


August Zoysia Grass Lawn Turf Golf Course. Augusta Zoysia for Home.