5 Things You Need To Know About Empire Zoysia Turf

Empire Zoysia: Maintenance and Tips

Empire Zoysia Turf is a good all-round turf, ideal for home lawn, roadsides, amenity areas, sports arenas and much more. If a finer blade grass is your preference, then look no further than Empire Zoysia. To help you to decide whether Zoysia turf is the right choice for you, we’ve compiled the top 5 things you need to know about Empire Zoysia Turf.

Our Top 5 Zoysia Facts 

1. Easy Maintenance

Empire Zoysia has been given the nickname EZ Grass (easy grass), for its low maintenance with less watering and less fertilising. With less watering and fertilising needed for a great finish, and an eye catching dark green colour all year round, a Empire Zoysia lawn will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

2. Tolerant and Drought Resistant

Once established, Empire Zoysia turf is one of the most drought resistant and tolerant turf varieties in Australia, supported by its unique deep root and underground runner system. Zoysia adapts well to hotter climates by rolling its leaves to conserve water, thereby increasing its drought tolerance. It grows well in clay and sandy soil areas, and loves the coastal regions due to its salt tolerance. It thrives in extreme heat and can tolerate cold frosty conditions.

3. High Wearing

Empire Zoysia is known to be a tough, high wearing lawn suitable for wear by both children and animals. The leaves of Empire grass have high silica levels, a characteristic that makes them extremely wear-tolerant compared with other warm-season turf grasses. Its fine leaf texture has a luxurious, soft-to-the-touch feel makes it a great grass for kids and pets to run around and play on, so it’s a good thing that it recovers well from injury.

4. Insect Resistant

Empire has a good resistance to insects and diseases. This significantly reduces the need for fungicides, herbicides and pesticides, which is great for the environment and better for the health of your lawn, pets and family.

5. Slow Or Fast Growth

Empire Zoysia grasses spread both by stolons and rhizomes, and are noted for their relatively slow growth rate, which reduces, the mowing needed. If you want your Zoysia to grow faster you can fertilise it, however if you want a slow growing, less mowing lawn that still wears well, steer clear of fertiliser. With Empire Zoysia you have a choice, fast or slow. For most situations, yearly fertilising should be sufficient, but for higher wear areas, fertilise more.

Zoysia Turf Suppliers Gold Coast

Overall, if you’d rather spend time with your loved ones in your outdoor space, and not all weekend mowing, weeding and maintaining the lawn, then Empire Zoysia is the perfect turf choice for you. For Empire Zoysia Turf on the Gold Coast, look no further than ALC.

You can always contact our friendly team of turf consultants at ALC for professional advice. We can help you with your dream lawn today!