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The AusGAP accreditation system not only ensures the genetic purity of a turf-grass variety where appropriate; it provides assurance that the entire production, delivery and installation process is undertaken to the highest industry standards.

Under the AusGAP program, the turfgrass producer (grower) is responsible for the genetic purity of the AusGAP certified grasses sold in a wholesale, commercial or retail capacity. The grower must meet minimum standards as directed by AusGAP covering the entire production, sales and delivery process.

AusGAP stipulates that to achieve certification, all stock will pass a preharvest test to be visually free of disease, weeds and pest damage and be true-to-turf-type and free of any other foreign varieties at the time of harvest.

All new on-farm turf-crop planting-stock is to be pre-approved by AusGAP to assure satisfactory varietal identity and purity which is to be maintained throughout the production process.

Satisfactory compliance with the AusGAP program will allow for successful accreditation to be achieved and the grower awarded twelve-monthly-renewable AusGAP certification.

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